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 Post subject: force download of PARs with the RAR sets
PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 4:04 am 

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How do I force UE to download ALL the PARS along with the RAR sets, whether or not it needs them?

Here's my scenario. I have 2 laptops. For reasons beyond the scope of this question, one is connected to the internet, and the other one is not. (That won't change.) I use the internet one for downloads, and the non-internet one for saving and unpacking because it's a much faster machine. My UE databases are on external USB drives, so it's easy to move them back and forth between machines.

Formerly, I would download everything, and then later (on the other machine) I would start the long saving/unpacking process. Recently, I started playing around with the Auto modes. It's pretty cool to download, save, and unpack all in one action, with the directory name matching the header subject. Sweet!

However, here's what I ran into. The downloading for the newsgroup finished, but the saving and unpacking still had a long, long ways to go. I wanted to switch my drives and move this UE database over to the faster machine so it could finish all the saving and unpacking work.

Unfortunately, I discovered that even though it seemed like all the downloading was done (because it had stopped downloading), there were tons of PARs that hadn't been downloaded yet. As far as I can tell, I think UE is trying to be smart and hold off on downloading the PARs until it truly needs them. If it can unpack the RAR without the PARs, then the PARs never get downloaded at all. Seems pretty smart.

But it totally messed me up. I wanted to move the giant queue of saving/unpacking work over to the other machine (i.e. the faster machine without the internet connection), so it could finish the job. But I needed to have all the PARs downloaded and available in the UE database. If I moved the database over as it was, then when the unpacking tasks decided they needed PARs, they wouldn't already be downloaded, and they couldn't be downloaded (since there's no internet connection on that machine).

So, I wanted to force UE on my downloading machine to go ahead and download all these marked, but not downloaded PARs right now, and not wait to see if they were needed. I tried everything I could think of, and no luck. I couldn't get UE to download them, even though they were marked for immediate download, and nothing else was being downloaded.

Clearly there must be some trick to this that I am missing.

The bottom line is that I want to do a download/save/unpack(auto) command, and have it download the PARs when it's downloading the RAR's. Then when the downloading is done, I can move the UE database over to the faster machine (without internet) to finish all the saving/downloading work. That would free up my downloading machine to start downloading the next newsgroup.

Any ideas?

 Post subject: Re: force download of PARs with the RAR sets
PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 5:47 pm 

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You need to temporarily uncheck edit menu->save/unpack, unpack, auto add to be able to download the par2 files.

Then all old options in the par2 menu ->mark limited volume par2 files for download etc. will become enabled / effective.

If auto add is checked it means the downloaded files are added to unpack and unpack downloads only the necessary volume of those files.

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