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Feature request: Par repair as separate task from saving.
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Author:  tijgert [ Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Feature request: Par repair as separate task from saving.

As the situation is now, when downloading a very large archive (like a UHD movie of 50Gigs or so) that needs to be repaired, even on my SSD it can take a very very long time. Hours in fact as my SSD is cheap and my download PC also does other things at the same time.
But when UE is still downloading other material that I would like to gain access to quickly I will not be able to access that until the repair has finished and UE has saved the other files. If I want access now I will have to intervene personally and stop the repair which is a real pain if it has been busy repairing for a while already.

I would like to propose a selection box (in case some people still use hard drives for downloading and repairing) that enables UE to save downloaded files and repair archives in parallel. This way the user can access other saved files/archives when needed by using an external program before UE has finished the repair. If needed the repair could temporarily be halted or slowed down while the files are saved.

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