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NZB's now have passwords inside them...
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Author:  tijgert [ Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:06 pm ]
Post subject:  NZB's now have passwords inside them...

So I got a lot of downloads lately that didn't indicate a password and wouldn't unRAR.
Turns out the password is INSIDE the NZB.
It's apparently a long common feature of NZB's but rarely used, until recently.

The NZB looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE nzb PUBLIC "-//newzBin//DTD NZB 1.1//EN" "">
<nzb xmlns="">
<meta type="password">in23ZLB2fr6sD96cH00VYT5mJZDvmMGG</meta>
<file poster="FRIENDS" date="1590578949" subject="[1/61] - &quot;S2AR3a1HQIFPuJJrQAd6A5fk2QYlcaqZ.7z.001&quot; yEnc 52428800 (1/37)">
<segment bytes="1479351" number="1">HbOzVlLpHzDdHdIeCvTyPdJq-1590578949315@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479075" number="2">PtHuTaRbKiMtXgEpPpWlPaYm-1590578949322@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479020" number="3">FbGjWcKrPlRxQoWzIoSoRkCu-1590578949331@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479177" number="4">IpFhQcJhByQhZwMfDeYxBoKi-1590578949346@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479143" number="5">ZoGeDsAuKgNjWhUvUkSmHbRr-1590578949358@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1478995" number="6">JjXyUqHaDcJrQrYmByKhOwRu-1590578949364@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1478933" number="7">JyKaZaKoHkQkKoAlJaAlXnEw-1590578949368@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479106" number="8">PiSsEuAbVaXrOpFkMsGuBiXm-1590578949373@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479137" number="9">AxAgHhAzFpCpQhJpOqMaUiUn-1590578949377@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479192" number="10">UmJaOlUuWdZpMuKkRvPbSfDu-1590578949406@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1479173" number="11">FcHrFbUhGkYzGxMlFzVgPwXq-1590578949408@nyuu</segment>
<segment bytes="1478923" number="12">UiEmAgNhJmNsCaGpWrBpViBx-1590578949416@nyuu</segment>

The segments go on of course.
The password is on the 5th line.
SAB-NZB can read this and unRAR, but UE cannot.

So it's not only a feature request but if these things become more common it will be a flat out necessity!

It does explain other RAR's that were passworded and had to be thrown away...

Author:  alex [ Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NZB's now have passwords inside them...

The functionality is already there, just make sure you have "Import as collection" checked (it is checked by default) in edit menu->properties->search/import, import options, since the password is added to the collection name.

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