Release history v1.x

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Release history v1.x

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Release history v2.x

- v1.9.9.8 -

the release accompanies the v2.0 release. it is based on pre-unpack code derived from v1.9.9.7 fixing few small issues with older releases like always reverting to the default import group in the search service bar on program restart instead of remembering the last one.

- v1.9.9 to v1.9.9.7 -

OpenSSL library has been modified to handle ungraceful SSL server side behaviour without user intervention. SSL sessions are remembered on per server basis (when possible). somewhat more relevant SSL error messages are returned. also recompiled with the latest OpenSSL version.

UE shutdown code revised. the new shutdown procedure differently from the old one doesn't depend on all tacit locks in play by multithreaded runtime libraries. it includes emergency procedure to handle firewall malfunctions when network threads are not being able to exit.

search service can be now accessed through proxy (properties->proxies)

header controls in newsgroup/search views are now looking natively when WinXP themes are enabled

increased the default retention (edit menu->properties->newsgroup) for new installs to match the retention of most usenet providers (still, of course, users can set themselves whatever they want).

unused controls in properties (public server search) removed.

final search service refinement regarding user management based on user suggestions.

various fixes.

v1.9.9.7 - fixed race condition on program start which was exposed by the new shutdown code. (final)
v1.9.9.5 - the SSL code different use method required additional synchronization.
v1.9.9.3 - revised SSL/shutdown added.

- v1.9.8 -

fixed bug accidentally introduced by missed nesting while adding forcing collections - related to importing corrupted nzb files (it appears only one site generates them like <file poster="" date="" subject="">, data contains empty fields probably because of their corrupted sql database.

fixed a glitch which had place until recently when during search service restart instead of "service starting after maintenance" notification search returned "communication error". it was handled afterwards by patching the server side, but now the client has been rightly adjusted.

in addition one day before the release the search service configuration change had place - the search server retention has been increased to 150 days in the terms of the current usenet volume (i.e. it may vary depending on the usenet volume) except for the picture groups which are drawn from the old server in the meantime due to large volume of random spam there, the issue might be handled later if requested by the users.

- v1.9.7 -

this is a major upgrade addressing how the search service is organized.

the new scheme has improved scalability and given ordinary hardware it is able to provide unlimited retention without affecting search service performance.

first though we'll run it with the same retention as previously, then the retention will be bumped several times (the older data is available here) when additional hardware will be installed (it won't require software update).

- v1.9+ -

- custom collections - a new major feature introduced. it is an option to group arbitrary headers into persistent static collections.

the feature can be employed through newsgroup context menu->custom collections, add to collection, delete from collection, rename collection and set as current collection (the latter to add to this collection headers without retyping collection subject and author).

in addition in properties->general->import/search there is now "import as collection" option checked by default. it means nzb and search results will enter into header views as custom collections.

prior collections has remained as "auto collections". if a header from auto collection is being included into a custom collection in the state column there is a small left-downward arrow of the same color as custom collection icons to indicate that. operations on auto collections will do include headers belonging to custom collections (but the opposite is not true), if you intend to do something else just expand auto collection and select its files instead.

custom and auto collections can be enabled or disabled one by one or both in properties->general.

newsgroup view toolbar buttons (or threads menu->show auto collections/show custom collections) can hide or show collections one or both kinds or none as well.

custom collections can be operated with the same ease as auto collections. they can be used in both binary and text newsgroups.

- with the introduction of the increased collection capabilities newsgroup navigation code has been revised as to expanding/collapsing threads and collections with arrow or +/- keys and as to displaying search results and newly imported nzb files, the navigation is now much smoother than before.

- in the filter editor new filter options were added which allow to filter all collections or auto/custom collections. e.g. you can create a simple filter "messages" are "custom collections" to see all custom collections in the view filtering out the rest.

- improved some error messages, especially those indicating a problem with a third party buggy driver installed in the system.

v1.9.1 - refined initial state of check boxes in the 'add to collection' dialog and dynamic changing newsgroup view state icons for files inside collections. added another level of settings protection - user manageable settings rollback when a problem is detected.

v1.9.2 - when importing nzb or making a search with enabled collections the focused item will be the first selected item instead of unchanged since navigation and choosing default/suggested folder name is based on the focused item; the default for collections for new installs is changed from "None" to "Custom" (edit menu->properties->newsgroups, default entry, collections)

v1.9.5 - when using the import folder - the destination directory is now always set correctly according to properties->newsgroups->save (when "import&download&save" is selected in properties->general); the default for new installs has been changed from "import only" to "import&download&save").

v1.9.6 - in properties->newsgroups it is not possible any more to set initial filter for the newsgroup list view (filters created in the filter editor are not relevant for the newsgroup list). fixed a rare potential issue with crossposted articles which was handled by non-exact code workaround in prior versions. added more help messages to pinpoint problems after crashes caused by malfunctioning or disconnected hardware.

- v1.8 -

- search service protocol has been changed to address future needs

- quick filter "find mode" match cyan color oval sign now is shown in the newsgroup list as well

this release finalizes last series of releases on small issues comprising in part windows vista, ssl and work on user feedback.

- v1.7.7 -

- fixed accidentally disabled dragging newsgroups between folders while refining multiple selection workspace view code.

- v1.7.6 -

- size left is shown along with time left in the status bar

- added right/left arrow keys shortcuts in addition to plus/minus sign to expand/collapse threads and collections in newsgroup views

- further refined multiple selection code in vista plus now it is possible to select several areas like in newsgroup view using e.g. ctrl+mouse then shift+mouse

- fixed non-working context "newsgroup list" submenu from within newsgroup list view

- ssl access now can connect through a proxy server (edit menu->properties->proxies)

- v1.7.5 -

- added option to connect to ssl capable servers with every cipher/encryption key length supported by the openssl package. you can define ssl on server creation or edit server port/ssl check box in edit menu->properties->servers or in the workspace->servers->server context menu->advanced->rename.

- multiple selection in the workspace tree control has been adopted to windows vista

- header overload option - fixed sustaining reduced header bandwidth longer when necessary which could happen on low reduced bandwidth setting in conjunction with high connection speed.

- v1.7.4 -

- handled nzb file association issue in windows vista (edit menu->properties->general->import/search, associate with import file extensions). first administrative permissions are needed for UE to associate the extension since the affected registry area in vista is restricted and secondly when associating files from windows explorer a new overriding other registry settings entry is now present in the registry which hasn't been in the prior windows systems.

- scheduler (edit menu->properties->scheduler) has now its own download/upload bandwidths for both active and inactive intervals (in the latter case with the possibility to suspend tasks as in the past) instead of using regular bandwidth for inactive intervals (unless "suspend tasks" had been checked).

- warning added on the program start and when the user marks something for save (or download&save etc) and the save queue had been suspended earlier to avoid confusion why e.g. attachments are not saved, now the prompt how unsuspend save queue is given (i.e. to uncheck tasks menu->suspend save queue).

- "cancel save" in the save pane of the task manager is now enabled.

- v1.7.3 -

- fixed introduced in v1.7.2 glitch with mouse wheel (sometimes didn't scroll to the very top/bottom position in task manager/search views) caused by a little different behaviour of a system function used to replace the currently broken in vista system function.

- v1.7.2 -

- addressed bug (non-working system function) in windows vista so mouse wheel scroll now will work in task manager and search results view (as more people are using windows vista the vista bugs will be handled when possible).

- added words "boolean wildmat match" in properties->articles, "show attachments inline" and "warn before launch" to spell out the option syntax (accidentally deleted when adding the show attachments inline option).

- used the latest service pack for the development environment to compile the program

- the executable compressor (it is a third party application) has been reversed to an older version from the series used before v1.7.1 since at least for one user the compressed executable exited when opening any menu but worked ok with an older compressor version which didn't get any complaints at all.

- v1.7.1 -

- added option to show content of certain file types like *.nfo, *.txt etc. inline in artilce views (the attachment icon with the file name is still preserved). what files to show is defined in "properties->articles->show attachments inline" (boolean wildmat), the color can be redefined in "edit menu->fonts&colors, (inline)".

- added newspro-like console (popular user request) to show a raw view reflecting download of every part which is useful to see how all servers behave without looking into active header properties.

- in article views replies are shown in a different color which can be changed in "edit menu->fonts&colors, (reply)".

- the matches of a pattern like "new"*"song" will also include "new song" so in such a case the " double quote special character rule (matching one or more space characters) will be applied rather intuitively than literally.

- fixed broken handling of parentheses in boolean wildmats.

- at least one non-compliant server doesn't return the number of lines in xover despite the xover command specification, now such malformed output is accepted as well.

- v1.7 -

- search/filter syntax has been revised (see Search examples). apart from adding easy whole word like capability please note that [] have been replaced with {} since square brackets occur in nearly every subject and curly brackets happen only in 0.5% of subjects. as a result search/filters are now much more convenient to use.

- now when saving attachments from the task manager the default directory will be changed as well

- several other small improvements like better shortcuts in task manager

- v1.6 -

- this release finally closes the chapter which covered exhaustive and dedicated work on code integrity exploiting the solid fundamentals on which the code is built upon and boosting the program reliability several times while being the most reliable newsreader even before the work started with v1.3.1

- v1.5.6 -

- fixed a problem when a certain rare message-id which although didn't appear in the indexed newsgroups since it didn't affect the server could cause a crash

- v1.5.5 -

- fixed an issue with purging single headers belonging to a collection in views with collections off - few such headers could become undeletable at least as long as the newsgroup remained loaded

- fixed a problem with deleting/purging from inside opened separatedly in the frame article views

- added warning when disabling servers regarding article queue behaviour

- v1.5.4 -

- delete/purge options invoked with shift+del and ctrl+del respectively will depend on whether it is threaded (delete/purge headers&threads) or non-threaded (delete/purge headers) view, thus not causing users in binary groups with threads off to think about threads of replies - that some other entries than those selected may be deleted. it is also reflected in the newsgroup view context menus.

- added option "properties->general->retention->let all incoming headers through" checked by default so even if retention in properties->newsgroups is set to, say, 35 days and the server has 60 days retention the program (given "headers per server" is sufficiently large) will initially show all headers but when you load the newsgroup in the next time the retention will be applied, it will resolve the problem with malfunctioning servers by avoiding the reducing retention range step and although slower the option will eliminate any waiting before headers start showing up by allowing in headers beyond the retention range as well.

- clicking newsgroup view scrolled to the right when the header list is wider than the window now will change focused etc.

- "423 No such article number" is also taken into account like "430 No such article" for invoking 'Ignore "No such article" errors'.

- fixed a rare problem with non-threaded newsgroup view mode which could lead to duplicate entries in such views.

- v1.5.3 -

- properties->articles->saving attachments, the 'Ignore "No such article" errors' option is now working always (beforehand it was only engaged when the last downloaded part gave the error). if you prefer it to be checked so attachments will be saved but you don't want to delete incomplete bodies in case par2 recovery fails so you'll be looking for more parts - uncheck "delete incomplete bodies" in the same option area.

- quick filter in the apply mode is now colored in soft green color when active

- renaming import group will rename it in the search service bar as well

- fixed a gui library problem so now any freshly opened service view will react right away when user changes selection in a search service dialog bar combo box.

- very high reliability level had been achieved in v1.5.2 as a part of gradual process, it will be now the reference level to be maintained (eventual maintaining of the maximal achieved reliability level is a rule).

- some other changes to organize things better as there is a little more time for that.

- v1.5.2 -

- task manager article tasks queued column has now header icon reflecting how the article queue is sorted plus added option to change queue "sorted by" from the context menu; escape key will cancel article tasks/clear items in the error pane.

- in compact binary groups after group reloading incomplete partial line/size columns were zeros and were only shown right after marking them for download.

- fixed wrong determining scroll position after operations on the newsgroup view close to the end of the list introduced by adding a hack to reduce flashing in the previous version.

- fixed a bug which could be rarely triggered by asymmetrically crossposted parts.

- v1.5.1 -

- tabs in the workspace and search view can be closed by doubleclicking

- reduced flashing with windows themes enabled on opening/switching tabs (then windows tries to play a kind of must go animation) to look better with Windows visual themes enabled.

- WinVista backwards beta compatibility in case someone is running an older beta (actually handling a bug they fixed later).

- added delete bodies option in the task manager article errors pane and few other task manager article panes options which make sense

- changed some default settings for new installs (you may change them manually for existing databases):
  • settings backup (properties->general) checked.
    windows visual themes (view menu) checked
    for new installs views are maximized right away
- the UE project now is fully 64 bit compatible (so it can be compiled natively for x64 Windows systems) although since that won't bring any tangible advantages currently there is no need in such a release.

- fixed a theoretical bug when certain message-id could crash the program although in practice it didn't occur since it would also crash the indexing server as well which wasn't the case.

- fixed a bug with cross-posted replies in collections with threads enabled.

- v1.5 -

- the quick filter "find" mode has now different background color so it won't be confused with the "apply" mode.

- "time left" added to the tooltip in the system tray

- crosspost nzb option has been added to the post view

- the post text won't be added to sfv and nzb posts

- the positions from the left of the quick filter and search service docking bars are persistent again

- calclulating "time left bodies" now won't take paused items for non-paused

- v1.4.1 -

- for the sake of clarity in properites->articles the phrase "keep bodies with no attachments intact" is replaced with "delete bodies with no attachments" (the check box reflects the opposite meaning as well). differently from prior default settings new default settings are now more appropriate for binary groups and new users:

delete incomplete bodies - checked (previously not checked)
delete bodies with no attachments - checked (previously not checked)

if you want those settings with previous installations you can check them manually in properties->articles->saving attachments.

- fixed a bug related to collections, if in a collection a file had a reply after download&save and trying to expand the reply the collection entry reappeared marked as deleted (which is right, it is deleted indeed, but it wasn't supposed to appear at all) causing a kind of distorted view (with underlying newsgroup storage still intact but the view data structure violated which cause problems with operations on the view).

- v1.4 -

- the third party "explorer" browse for folder dialog has been replaced with further "modified" windows dialog following the same spirit with even reduced amount of hacking. so now the dialog doesn't rely on third party and even more convenient to use. it can be selected in properties->articles->browse for folder->modified and it is the recommended default unless you prefer the "custom" newspro like dialog.

- when maximized frame window will now persist like that between sessions.

- v1.3.8/v1.3.9 -

- fixed variable overflow caused by one certain post from a spam bot and added protection against such spam.

- fixed a bug in the third party code of the newly introduced browse for folder dialog which didn't interpret a shell function result correctly so it could lead to a crash apparently for few shell versions (at least likely in WinXP Chinese edition).

- v1.3.7 -

- added "explorer" like browse for folder dialog (apparently the same source code as in winrar). the dialog style can now be changed in the "properties->articles->browse for folder dialog" combo box.

- in the quick filter bar checking "del" (show deleted) now will also check "^del" (show not deleted) since apparently in this context one is mostly interested in showing both deleted and not deleted. to show only deleted headers you can subsequently uncheck "^del".

- v1.3.3 to v1.3.6 -

- gui library upgraded to a newer version because it fixes several issues; the way it stores its data is different so you will need to readjust control panes etc. but only once. the change is the part of gradual upgrades to move the program to a newer compiler version.

- tooltips added for tabbed workspace

- icons to the tabbed frame tabs have been added. they can be disabled in "view menu->tabbed frame icons".

- some toolbar icons removed previously are back by user requests (you can remove icons you don't need through clicking rightmost toolbar arrow->add/remove buttons->toolbar)

- in posted messages view irrelevant fields are now empty

- in the "Enter new newsgroup" dialog the words "Search group" have been replaced with "XPat group" so it won't be mixed with our indexing

- fix for a problem introduced while adding reduced flickering which could garble open newsgroup views in show parts mode (not the underlying newsgroup storage)

Note: several small updates were needed after 1.3.3 to address few cosmetical issues noticed by users and caused by the gui library upgrade which is third party code.

- v1.3.2 -

- the program now asks whether to reset header ranges after retention/last headers has been changed in properties->newsgroups (since redownloading headers to fully synchronize with new settings when necessary could take too long).

- scheduler auto headers notification on/off (so if used through shortcut we now have feedback)

- auto save path wasn't always trimmed properly

- sometimes search service dialog cursor in the current search field unneccesarily moved to the beginning of the string when invoking search

- older versions didn't understand some specific indexing server error messages displaying "communication error" instead, so the protocol has been "upgraded" to correct that, it was also necessary to facilitate the development.

- v1.3.1 -

- icon file type modifiers introduced in the last version are now an option in edit menu - disabled by default so not to distract new users

- added allow duplicate groups option - disabled by default in workspace context menu (advanced) since usually one doesn't want duplicate newsgroups although the option still exists

- enter userid/password for new server on server creation

- detect bad message-id and yenc verification are now disabled for new installs and the bad message-id error directs to properties->articles since at least one popular news server (tweakdsl) has problem adding junk above article headers quite a lot

- collection was shown as complete when some files were incomplete but all files were present

- few insignificant buttons like get headers from posting server moved from toolbar into menus to reduce the number of buttons (rarely used buttons can also be removed through customization at user discretion).

- added links from help menu to get started and selected topics area although the latter will be created gradually as time permits.

- v1.3 -

- added an option to download limited fixed amount of par2 files, including nothing (zero) for download (threads&collections menu or toolbar->mark limited amount of par2 files), as to collections or selection it will work well even if there are several par2 sets inside. still if you mark for download only par2 files they will be marked for download as usual. the feature should be extremely useful with all kinds of automatic rar/par2 decoders since downloading a little more data with high probability will achieve recoverable data set and that without making it too complicated on the newsreader level by assuming functions which may be done effectively by a third party.

- added small icon modifiers to indicate file type (if users won't like it i'll make it an option).

- clear temp directory is called on program exit also when autoclear temp directory is disabled in properties->general

- message-id info removed from the parts columns to make it more clear, it is moved to added message-id column (rightmost, as other columns can be hidden or shown with dragging the rightmost column divider).

- collection settings from properties->newsgroups are now applied for folders.

- removed the collection download or not par2 option introduced in v1.2.7 since it is just a case of the new download limited par2 amount option described above with the download volume set to zero.

- select related headers doesn't select collections any more.

- sometimes windows on start were not maximized despite being such on program exit

- i rechecked collection related code (again) and fixed several small things, although it is not clear yet whether there was any impact from them.

- v1.2.9 -


- v1.2.8 -

- greatly reduced newsgroup view flickering when downloading bodies
- reset/catchup/apply retention are now can be accesed from newsgroup view as well
- further refined preserving focused when deleting/purging (extended for more cases)

- sometimes collection icon would be shown as "full body" when in fact not all files had bodies.
- in article view the empty line was mistakenly removed so body followed right after header preventing "scroll to body" work properly.
- fixed a bug related to purging collections.

- v1.2.7 -

- option to download par2 files or not when marking collection for download (file menu->default toolbar->mark collection par2 files for download + toolbar button)
- find will expand collections as well when looking for matches
- left button doubleclick will expand/collapse collections
- collection subject is now made out of the last file and preferably not deleted one, not always the first one

- better focus with retaining focused item after delete/mark operations. it should work the same in either sort order.
- global view now remembers sort order
- hide auto options (properties->articles) is now applied to the search result view context menu as well.
- "delete headers&replies" moved to the advanced menu exchanging places with "delete headers&threads" (formerly "delete threads")

and few fixes.

- v1.2.6 -
(the first release supporting collections)

- collections and files - similar posts can be organized in a threaded view which is binary oriented, so files (posts) belong to collections. it can be even done in parallel with usual threads of replies and even compatible with text newsgroups, see UE.txt for details.

- open&get new headers option in workspace text menus
- retention for import type of group is now enabled, since it makes sense to apply retention to it as well (it was always default previously)
- when creating new import group or switching import groups the import group now is not opened possibly keeping focus on search service view.
- date/days field and group filter is preserved in search service bar between sessions
- those users who don't like auto option and invoking it accidentally can check "edit menu->properties->articles->hide "auto" options in advanced submenu"

- few other changes

- v1.2.5 -

- you can change article priority from the article pane in the task manager or to retry errors from the error pane with different priority (corresponding context menus)

- mark recovery par2 files (i.e. only par2 files containing recovery data like *.volxx-yy.par2, not the checksum file) for download as paused. there is a toolbar button and corresponding tasks menu entry. the option is only applied to files newly marked for download (not already in the task manager), so you e.g. can change priority of the whole batch without affecting the paused state.

- added options in edit menu to show queued / bodies / queued&bodies (here queued articles include errors as well and actually these are just global filters with proper boxes checked on opening view)

- indexing service: when importing text replies to partial messages, shown as singles in search results, the program would import them as incomplete partials (since they don't have references and they look like partial), but would show them as singles after downloading bodies and program restart, now it uses the known search status to import them as singles right away
- when suspend articles marked for later download is enabled "move to top" now always brings affected articles out of the download later priority range unsuspending them.
- in auto mode the generated folder name has its leading/consequtive spaces removed
- in very rare cases when displaying newsgroup properties the program set wrong initial filter (when it was a prefix of the right inital filter) for the focused item
- duplicate foders/newsgroups are now shown in watch/auto and kill filter properties panes

- v1.2.4 -

- when sorted in reverse order the newsgroup view is now not scrolled to the end on opening
- improved post code, an option to define output name for nzb/sfv/par2 files and the par2 checkbox is more intuitive
- cancel saving is added in different task manager panes (it removes the save path thus e.g. replacing "download&save" with "download" only)
- few other improvements and fixes

- v1.2.3 -

- import folder "default" save path (properties->newsgroups) will use the topmost "default" entry save directory instead of ignoring save action (properties->general->search service, action, import&download&save).
- mouse wheel now works the same in task manager and search service views as in newsgroup views
- search author field hasn't been saved in history from search to search
- save queue tried to flush last buffer when drive full even after changing save path suspending save again
- existing search tab view is now brought to focus automatically upon successful search completion

- v1.2 to 1.2.2 -

- auto save option, the directory name is generated automatically (... Auto) menu entries. the same folder prompt optionally can be shown in the browse for folder dialog; for the standard windows dialog there is a kind of hack to fix the known "new folder" bug so it seems to work in most cases and becomes manageable.
- properties->articles->save attachments more options added so e.g. the setting is possible when no article bodies are left after save (see the question sign button in the properties area for details).
- trim subjects in the middle is now an option (edit menu)
- option to show only new headers on open view (properties->general)
- option to save article queue only (faster than to save all so users may save critical queue info more frequently - properties->general, save queue).
- option to select related headers (context menus in newsgroup/search service views and task manager, it is not guarantied to work in all cases though).
- option to pause separate articles in the article queue.
- priorities highest to lowest (the second submenu level) can be now customized.
- added properties in all article related task manager panes
- ampersand wasn't shown properly in tooltip and tab title could be garbled
- it seems rarely microsoft framework didn't exit properly with dummy instance in processes without affecting or doing anything, now ue exits process without delegating it to the gui framework
- search view wasn't added in the select window workspace tab.
- other improvements and fixes

v1.2.1 fixes a bug which could lead to crashes (it is most probably a compiler bug, an error in type casting).

v1.2.2 fixes a bug when with "suggest new folder" unchecked the windows browse for folder dialog always started in "my documents" directory. some improvements on the server side and changed search protocol version number.

- v1.1.9 -

- filter file backup in the settings directory (always)
- when using age instead of dates - proper sort arrow (newsgroup view) and sort order (age column click in download pane of the task manager)
- fixed problem with composite filters not applied after invoking filter editor
- global view - thread mode button is now working
- fixed a bug with global view filtering.

also some work has been done on the server lately, so it is likely you'll experience even better completion/coverage and continuous prompt response.

- v1.1.8 -

- option not to open import group after search (properties->general, search service, open import group)
- search results view features state icons so users can learn about every entry import success without checking the import group
- in workspace the 'enter' key now works
- newspro browse for folder dialog won't create duplicate tree entry if the new folder already exists
- "disapply" quick filter default shorcut - ctrl+x was replaced with ctrl+<space> since otherwise ctrl+x didn't work in edit controls (you need to reset shortcuts or customize manually if not new install).
- ue search service protocol has changed to address future needs

- v1.1.7 -

- added option for aggressive settings backup (against heavy system lockups). it can be enabled in properties->general->settings backup (results in a bit more disk accesses). apart from that copies of reg.dat from three previous sessions are always kept. read about it in help notes, database integrity.

- added option to save attachments after "no such article" errors in properties->articles->save attachments->ignore "no such article" errors. it means attachments are saved like it is incompletes with all bodies of parts available. the option is enabled by default.

- compact binary type is now always suggested first on newsgroup creation and warning is given otherwise.

- fixed problems with setting focus directly to search service results view from other applications and wrong selecting items with keyboard in some cases.

- the version will notify about search service communication protocol change which may have place in a future version instead of giving "communication error" or other less understandable errors.

- some other small changes

- v1.1.6 -

- download&save from search results sometimes brought nothing into the import group since the temporary file with the record import data could be deleted while you are browsing for folder.
- used different icons in search results view so not to mix them with regular header views.

- v1.1.5 -

- mark all headers old on load is replaced on more relevant mark all old on close view option (properties->general). mark all old is also even faster now.
- search service views are in more detail similar to newsgroup views as to selected items.
- newspro custom browse for folder dialog is now an option, properties->general->custom browse for folder dialog (i heard the "new folder" entry windows bug is fixed in windows vista).
- browse for folder dialog is now modal (necessary for search results views at least, otherwise it is not safe).
- fixed problem when sometimes attachments were saved but headers weren't deleted/marked read as set by the user.
- new version available home page button is now visible.
- fixed some third party GUI library bug with window activation which made the apply button disabled for search results view in certain cases (needed to click in the view to enable it).
- and few other things.

- v1.1.4 -

- quick filter for search results
- an option to use size instead of lines in quick filter everywhere (since in search results view there can be only size, so the option is only for newsgroup views). the option is in file menu->quick filter->use size/lines (size when checked lines when unchecked).
- selection in search result views with dragging the mouse the number of selected is shown in the title, all like in newsgroup views.
- separate text/background colors for search results in edit menu->fonts&colors->'search' (in the very bottom).
- mark read on view didn't work if article has been downloaded after opening the article view

- v1.1.2/v1.1.3 -

i started checking older to do list as well as refining the latest work as planned.

- date/age switch, you can see the date column or the age column as you like (clock+beardy man toolbar icon or edit menu->show dates/age).
- different import options in search views and the main (nzb) import menu.
- added the option to mark all (rest) old on import (properties->general); thus you can use the "New" quick or initial filter to see only the latest imported search results.
- added autoselect headers on import
- "ESC" now clears the subject and author fields in the search service bar (but if a search is in progress it will only cancel the search)
- autodetach server is now disabled for xpat groups
- for the rest autodetach server is now an option
- fixed 128dpi fonts in search service bar and post dialog
- compatibility with win95 (one function wasn't available there)
- remembers ascending/descending order in search views

fixed in v1.1.3:

- when the age was in minutes for less than 10 minutes the fraction was shown as the letter 'd' instead of the decimal number.
- when non-docking task manager and the task manager window closed in the same time switching show dates/age tried to access the non-existent window.

- v1.1.1 -

Usenet Explorer indexing service capability has been added. I'll refine it if necessary towards v1.2

Search by subject, author with options to define days/dates range and narrow matches to certain newsgroup set, all string patterns: subject, author, group filter and group kill filter are boolean wildmats (group kill filter can be set in properties->general, search service (native) -> group kill filter).

It is possible I'll publish the server as a free Usenet Explorer companion application and/or I'll find a way to run it myself (in short at least one of two or both).

Currently I put limit to the number of results (files, not headers), to 10000, it is just an option in edit box, like arbitrary if I leave the field empty it will be unlimited, results are not ordered so if there are more it is likely you'll be able to see few of every set and refine the search, also the number can be adjusted here if necessary, actually 10000 means 200000-2000000 headers if partial messages are returned.

All communication is encrypted and the server doesn't have any logs (why I would waste time for that) and does everything on fly, I only monitoring the total number of search requests and the aggregated bandwidth, but even that is not saved between server restarts. In short it is much safer than using news servers.

- v1.1 -

No problems with filters refining which was the main purpose to wait before the release, so only the rest of planned features/fixes implemented:


delete probable duplicates option in edit menu

log saving attachments in properties->articles

windows visual themes is now option in view menu


save all was in seconds instead of minutes (if you made use of the option - you need to redefine it, since the value you set in v1.09 is in seconds)

sometimes the last entry in newsgroup views was hidden behind horizontal scrollbar

fixed shifting docking bars to the left

when database drive is full saving to other drives isn't completely blocked

when restarting the program resumed post tasks now don't forget to post par2 sets

- v1.0.9 -

added permanent filters - filter editor, initial filters, filters for newsgroup views, watch with save (optionally saving/not saving incomplete partials), kill filters and auto get headers. details in UE.txt

added post identities/server for folders, par2 redundancy option for posts in post->properties

periodic save all option in properties->general

doubleclick in split/docked article view will open full view

subject/author copy options in newsgroup views context menu->advanced

added manifest and revised dialogs so they will look ok with winxp style. to disable the new look in windows explorer right click ue.exe, properties->compatibility - check 'disable visual themes'.

fixed several small bugs, in part mark all old marked old only visible items and their threads.

few non-related to filters and secondary things left for v1.1 so i can hear possible user feedback (adding filters is like a major release).

- v1.0.8 -

fixes a (non-introduced) bug in processing some rare threads of non-true partials (only one such thread has been discovered, it is why only one user reported the bug) causing stack overflow.

it also concludes for now dealing with all reproducible bug issues known at the moment work on which started in v1.05 so i can now switch to e.g. extending feature set, as i have more statistics i'll give more attention to the subject, it is always a priority however reliable the program is.

- v1.0.6 -

introduced in v1.05 "Nzb" folder is now named "Import" (help notes adjusted), it emphasizes its connection to the "Import" group and in the future if other import formats will be available there will be no need to change the folder name. if you ran v1.05 you can delete the "Nzb" folder since it won't do anything.

now if you delete the 'Old' subdirectory in the "Import" folder while the program is running it will be recreated when needed and not only on the program start.

when running out of disk space clicking on the warning box will make the box to go away without triggering running tasks and subsequent warning box reappearance.

- v1.0.5 -

added nzb folder, fully automatic, no additonal options (see help notes)

fixed two bugs (not introduced but rather having survived tests) further boosting reliability

- v1.0.4 -

added scheduler (properties->scheduler)

finish all tasks and exit/shutdown windows options (tasks menu)

articles with bodies starting with space/tab are shown properly

save text sometimes failed

crossposting didn't work

- v1.0.3 -

move to top option in the save task list context menu (task manager)

faster dragging mouse in newsgroup view with docked article view open

fixed non-starting v1.02 in win98/me

couldn't find help notes when the program is launched from shortcut (if you put database path as the target parameter you can run several instances)

fixed failure to show vertical scroll bar in newsgroup views (few people experienced it)

- v1.0.2 -

The Del key shortcuts are working in the article view

Post tasks are limited from the proper field and not from the newsgroup list task limit.

The pause button has a drop down menu to allow to pause for limited time

- v1.0.1 -

now you can apply 'delete' also to "Import", "Posted messages" etc. groups, although the groups are non-deletable and will stay in the workspace - the result will be the same as deleting a regular newsgroup (all messages including those with bodies will be gone but they will stay in cross-posted newsgroups opposing to 'reset' when messages with bodies and flagged/pending headers persist).

mark read on view option added (disabled by default)

pause button is enabled in the system tray

resolved known newzbin issuses on the client side

- v1.0 -

the initial release