Getting started

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Unzip the program and run UE.exe. Enter the folder name where you want the database files to be created:

Confirm you want to create a new database:
Click the "New server" toolbar button:
Enter news server name and optionally enter server nick and credentials:
(you can also change server settings in edit menu->properties->servers)
Click the "Newsgroup list" tab and invoke "Open&get newsgroup list" from the context menu:
Select desired newsgroups and invoke "Subscribe" from the context menu:
(you can also type newsgroup names manually)
Press OK, newsgroups will be created:
Select newsgroups in the workspace and invoke "Open&get new headers":
Select headers you want to download and invoke "Download&save attachments":
Another way to get headers is through Usenet Explorer indexing service (no subscribed newsgroups are needed at all):
Or you can import headers using NZB file(s):
After invoking "Download&save attachments" either way select or enter desired destination folder where to save attachments:
If headers have been downloaded using UE indexing service at this point headers will enter into the current "Import" group:
(since the "Search service" tab is only transient)
Task manager will show downloading progress:
Errors are also shown in the task manager:
After opening the destination folder you can see the downloaded files:
Reading text articles. Usenet Explorer is also a versatile text newsreader.
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