Release history v6.x

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Release history v6.x

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- v6.0.3 -

- The unrar source code (namely its version proven to be reliable over many years) has been modified to be able to handle several unrars in parallel, so multiple internal unrars are now allowed again to run simultaneously as asynchronous unpack tasks.

- The version mainly concludes the work on the initial implementation of the principal features introduced in v6.0.

- The release has been already whitelisted with MS Defender, so it is easier to run it in the first time.

- v6.0.2 -

- One unrar at a time limit had to be reenabled in the meantime while the unrar source code is being reexamined (there is a dilemma of newer vs older proven unrar code each with its own problems - the latter is not yet there to run multiple unrars in parallel, while the functionality and the speed are the same).

- The unrar password list functionality has been adjusted for asynchronous unpack, as initially accidentally it was left out.

- v6.0.1 -

- This version is compiled with a newer version of the unrar source code which is able to run a number of asynchronous internal unrars simultaneously (see the v6.0 release related note), so a single internal unrar at a time limitation has been removed and several asynchronous internal unrar tasks are now allowed to run in parallel.

- v6.0 -

- Asynchronous unpack option in edit menu->properties->unpack:
  • A number of potentially time consuming unpack tasks, namely, uncompress, repair, deep scan/verify, join, more than one of each kind, can run in parallel with saving attachments.
  • The user can download and define the 7zip command line utility for seamless 7z or zip files unpack integration. The 7z command line utility (i.e. the console version) can be downloaded here.
  • In addition to the asynchronous internal unrar (see the note below about the current limitation) added an option to use the external unrar comand line utility instead. Unrar command line can be downloaded here.
  • The asynchronous option is enabled by default, with easy prompts to complete both 7z or unrar command line utility integration if needed.
  • Unrar options in settings are now applicable to the rest of the supported compression types when relevant.
  • The run by unpack 7z/unrar console applications are hidden and minimized by default (Edit menu->Properties->Unpack, Console Window). They can be made visible at any time by just unchecking the Hide checkbox, no need even to close the properties dialog, and if to close it with pressing the Cancel button or the Esc key the console windows (in this scenario) will be hidden again.

Note: Running internal (not external) unrar is limited to a single instance only asynchronous or not, because it appears the third party unrar source code embedded into the program was not designed to run multiple unrars at the same time. The limitation can be easily overcome if to use unrar command line instead by pointing to it in the asynchronous unrar settings. It is not clear yet if the embedded unrar source code can be feasibly adjusted to handle multiple instances, the matter is currently under review along with the rest of potentially internal uncompress options, what is for sure there will be always an option to run the uncompress console applications externally and seamlessly without any limit or obsolescence rooted in the embedded third-party source code. (Later: it appears the problem has been largely solved in later unrar code versions, if so the limitation will be removed in the future releases).

- In addition to Save or Unpack task priority in Edit menu->Properties->Tasks, when the Save priority is selected in the slider control - the "Asynchronous unpack" checkbox (checked by default) to the left of "Save" would tell the program still to run asynchronous unpack tasks in parallel with saving attachments. If the connection is too fast and the user preference is to download first - the box can be unchecked.

- Added an option (in Edit menu->Properties->Tasks, Bandwidth, Header Tasks, Prevent overload) to limit the header task bandwidth when a certain number of unprocessed headers is reached in addition to autopausing when the header buffer is full. The option is adopted from the search service server code for smoother operation. It is checked by default.

- The Fast open article option in Edit menu->Properties->Articles which is enabled by default has been refined (following a user request) to be able to scan instead of only the first part the user defined number of parts, which is the same fast, but would prevent scanning huge files resulting in noticeable delay when opening the article view. Thus multipart images are now fully displayed automatically after the article download, instead of seeing only the top of the image which has been downloaded with the article view open and the need to manually refresh the view by opening the article again to see the image in full.

- The hide option is also added to the post article functionality when starting the par2cmdline console application, but the console window is not hidden or minimized by default (it can be set in Edit menu->Properties->Post, Par2, Console Window).

Versions after v5.8.2 practically eliminated the crash reports by truly fixing the source code, also during the v6.0 development process all discovered performance bottlenecks and non-crashing glitches were fixed as well retroactively, the main v6.0 difference apart for the options described above is the unpack performance.

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