Usenet Explorer

Project History

The work on this program started about 2002 in parallel with Newspro development. The reason was the Usenet volume explosion which happened around the same time. Apart from designing a different engine most microsoft associated code has been dropped as well to provide a higher level of abstraction and more robust implementation which meant completely different source code. Technically Usenet Explorer has the best performing engine, it can handle binary newsgroups as large as 150M headers without consuming significant resources. Also fault tolerancy issue has been addressed at different levels given the necessity to handle such large volume of data, in fact a simplified version of the UE database is used to index all binary Usenet newsgroups - many hundreds of millions of headers - on the indexing server which was running without even a single crash for many months. Thus the program is very suitable for conventional Usenet access without thinking about volumes as with other programs and in addition more recent binary Usenet access methods - nzb files and indexing have also been adopted and fully supported.