Release history v3.x

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Release history v3.x

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Release history v4.x

- v3.7.1 -

- Several small fixes applied based on work on v4.x (v4.0-v4.4).

- v3.7 -

- Fixed collection function like in v3.9.1

- Upgrade license eligibility extended back to v3.5+ users

- Finalizes versions without sets feature support

- v3.6 -

- The version features somewhat optimized group loading and unpack internals refinements.

- Few non-critical fixes made in parallel on the v3.9 (RC) version which is being released simultaneously.

- Differently from older versions it can detect the database has been converted to the new set capable format introduced in v3.9+ although the only remedy it provides is to reset tasks and all converted newsgroups.

- v3.5.1 -

- Added two options "Tasks menu->keep system on ..." to prevent the system from entering the sleep mode when tasks are running (enabled by default) or the program is running (disabled by default, may be enabled e.g. when using scheduler). By Windows design the option will be overrided when the Windows is set to enter sleep mode or hybernate explicitly by pressing power button or closing laptop lid (so sleep or hypernate should be set only on timeout for the option to work).

- Fixed a problem, when newsgroup view sorted in descending order and the program couldn't find the next or previous match.

- Fixed potential crash when invoking "Play" on a collection entry.

- v3.5 -

- Collection algorithm has been revised with more headers with badly formed subjects grouped into collections.

- When importing nzb file or adding attachments to post if the last directory has been deleted the closest existing parent directory will be suggested instead of jumping to windows default.

- Filters/blacklist file backup has been refined - if the file hasn't change the backup files won't be rotated, so e.g. the loss of data due to windows crash won't be propagated after several program restarts.

- Fixed Windows 8 compatibility with 64 bit version

- Fixed not displaying nzb icon for 64 bit version

- Fixed rare problem when purging headers.

- v3.4 -

- Header properties (F4) which are invoked from newsgroup view or task manager now show time/size left and ETA for selected headers marked for download.

- Fixed small issues reported by users (mostly through forum).

- v3.3 -

- Detect passworded rar files option added in Edit menu->properties->articles - the program will try to check if the rar file is protected by password. Rar files protected by password still can be downloaded not only by unchecking the option, but also by defining a password for the par2 set in the unpack pane, as soon as a password is defined - the files associated with the par2 set will be retried automatically. The option is enabled by default and it doesn't affect performance.

- Some code refinements.

- v3.2.3 -

- Retry save errors automatically option added in Edit menu->properties->save/unpack, save, save attachments. After save error the save queue is no longer permanently suspended, the program periodically will try to unsuspend the save queue, it also will check for certain errors and won't retry if the error condition is still there to avoid unnecessary disk writes. Generally, there is now a distinction between suspending save queue manually and because of a save error.

- Browse for folder dialog in Windows 7 is asynchronous maybe because of the animation effect, it could result in the parent folder of the desired destination folder mistakenly selected if to press the OK button twice too fast after entering the new folder name, now the different system behaviour has been dealt with.

- Restored the subsribe newsgroup list context menu option which was accidentally dropped in the prevoius version.

- v3.2 to v3.2.2 -

- Added blacklist posters options in Edit menu->properties->kill filters/blacklist. The blacklist can be enabled/disabled, previously blacklisted posters can be removed from the blacklist. The blacklist can be displayed in the alphabetical or as-added order.

The blacklist match is exact and case-sensitive (not boolean wildmat or substring match).

The blacklist is applied through all the database affecting both loaded and unloaded newsgroups (matching headers are purged) and also it is applied to incoming headers (matching headers won't enter the database). A loaded import group is included when the blacklisting option is invoked or reenabled in properties, but subsequently to avoid confusion the user is able to import search results or nzb of blacklisted posters.

To blacklist selected posters - invoke the newsgroup context menu->blacklist selected posters. Be careful not to blacklist valid posters, when not sure - use first the "Quick filter by author" option described below.

- Added the "Quick filter by author" option in the newsgroup/search service context menu, what it does - copies the author to the quick filter and applies the quick filter which in most cases will give the right match.

- Added the "Download&show .nfo" option in newsgroup and search service view with the permanent shortcut Shift+Enter. The option will work on collections or even on collection entries inside collections or when collections are not shown (but collections must be enabled in Edit menu->properties->general, collections for the option to work on them).

- Added user editable "Quick links" list in Edit menu->properties->articles and the article view context menu->Quick link option with the permanent shortcut Shift+Enter. When invoking the option the program will look for the first matching URL in the "Quick links" list and will launch the browser to show the webpage. There is an option in the same properties pane to close the article view after the quick link invocation (enabled by default).

The same Shift+Enter shortcut is used for both "Download&show .nfo" and "Quick link" options. Thus pressing the shortcut will open the .nfo file article view, then upon downloading pressing the same shortcut again will open the information webpage listed in the .nfo file while the article view will be closed.

- Added "Report as spam" option in the search service view context menu (registered version only) - like with the rest of the search service functions there is no user log and the communication is encrypted. The option is applied to selected entries and it is fast, since no actual headers are sent.

- Improved the search service view quick filter / expanding/collapsing collections / sort handling with the program now trying to preserve the current page / focused item like it does in the newsgroup view. Also similar improvements for task manager items drag&drop functionality.

- Revised delete incompletes code for better files/headers cleanup after unpack e.g. after "No such article" error.

- Refined code for extraction of subtitles files.

- v3.1.1 -

- Added download&show article option in search results view content menu. It works similarly to the Enter key in the newsgroup view window, for uniformity the same option has been added in the newsgroup view context menu as well. Only the focused entry is engaged - the Enter key, mouse doubleclicking on the item or invoking the menu option will mark the article for download immediately and in the same time the article window will be opened which will show the article content.

- Refined code when updating search service configuration / checking for updates through http proxy to work around port limitations set by some proxy servers.

- Fixed Windows 7 bug when expanding / collapsing a collection in search results with sometimes GUI not showing the bottommost entry even as it is there; the unnecessary animation effect has been handled as well.

- Properties were a bit rearranged to accomodate options for future releases.

- v3.1 -

- Added optimize bypass database storage option modifier Edit menu->Properties->Save/Unpack, Save, Bypass database storage, optimize (checked by default). It significantly reduces disk accesses and eliminates processing time of the accumulated save queue after unrar at connection speeds when the disk may become a bottleneck. The option will only engage when effective ensuring maximal possible download speed on any connection as well as user convenience.

- More exact estimation of time left (par2 files which may well be not downloaded are not included).

- When the destination drive is full - bypass will switch to regular database storage instead of retrying / moving articles to the error pane.

- Added protection against malformed yEnc attachments for bypass database storage option - the foolproof regular database storage will be used instead.

- Fixed a problem with manual purging individual parts of a partial message in the show parts mode.

- v3.0.4 -

- Thorough unrar performance adjustments

- "ts" split files are now listed as collections

- Updating search service configuration through proxy didn't work with all possible settings

- The speedier article download code coud rarely pass through exceptions on file write errors instead of absorbing them

- v3.0 to v3.0.3 -

- Download&save directly. Edit menu->Properties->Save/Unpack, Save, Bypass database storage option (checked by default) will save attachments directly into destination folders bypassing UE database storage as to content. Article bodies are still shown in the header list (e.g. when save queue is suspended) and can be opened in the article view. The option reduces database partition file fragmentation and disk accesses thus the save queue disk speed bottleneck on higher speed connections is alleviated. The option currently can be set when save duplicate files mode is overwrite and delete bodies after save is checked (this is the default) - in the same properties area. Prior capabilities of database storage for article bodies remained unchanged, the feature is only a performance booster without compromising user choice.

- Bandwidth limit option when unpack task is running (not set by default). Edit menu->Properties->Tasks, bandwidth , Unpack tasks (lower disk usage). With the option set - when using bypass database storage or when database and destination drives are the same without bypass - unrar will be faster, but less will be downloaded at the same time.

- The simpler search syntax introduced in v2.9.5 (Edit menu->Properties->Search/Import) has been refined. Non-alphabetic characters option has been added, when checked - non-alphabetic characters won't be ignored. When using negation - comparing to the original implementation UE will now rather skip ignored characters (e.g. the space character) instead of discarding the negation operator, e.g. ^ nzb will be treated as ^nzb; ^.nzb will be treated as ^nzb when non-alphabetic unchecked and ^.nzb when non-alphabetic checked.

- Joining split set when par2 is on the whole file (not separate slices) - par2 files will be paused until the join is complete and only if the joined file is corrupt par2 files will be downloaded afterwards.

- Addressed win7 browse for folder dialog bug when selected item was shown out of view.

- Bypass database storage option optimizations and Win7 adjustments (v3.0.3)

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