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 Post subject: Release history v4.x
PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2013 1:46 pm 

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- v4.6 -

- Added selectable nzb drop folder option (edit menu->properties->search/import, nzb files, import folder)

- Full, customizable RAR 5 format support (edit menu->properties->save/unpack, unrar). RAR 5 format allows multicore unrar and larger dictionaries up to 4GB. So the options are multicore unrar and limiting unrar memory usage, it is recommended to limit unrar memory usage for 32 bit version or if your computer has less than 8GB RAM, both options are enabled by default.

- The progress of unrar of individual files is now shown as well.

- Added search service fault tolerancy by removing third party dynamic dns references from the code; also in case dynamic dns service goes down completely UE will now try to update search service configuration instead of just returning error, past versions only handled partial failures.

- Fixed a website glitch, when v4.x versions didn't check for updates even if check for updates was enabled.

- v4.5 -

- Added remote DNS resolution proxy option (edit menu->properties->proxies)

- Sets code optimizations


- Unrar password wasn't always taken into account after toggling detect passworded rar files option
- Rarely complete par2 sets were shown as incompete
- Fixed rare problem when marking sets for download
- While posting few parts could be lost after program restart

- v4.4 -

- The 'Edit menu->Properties->Articles->Optimize mark articles for download order' option has been revised for sets. When checked (default) - the files will be sorted not by sets, but by the file numbers within the same collection (file numbers in the subject look like e.g. [1/90], [2/90] etc.), so the par2 recovery files will be normally marked for download after the data files; the option will also reposition par2 set recovery files even when there are no file numbers. That prevents par2 repair from engaging too early e.g. when data files are misnamed. One should remember that there is also the 'Par2 menu->Mark par2 recovery files for download last' option, but it is more drastic - when several collections are marked for download simultaneously and par2 repair is needed - it will be delayed until all data files from all collections have been downloaded.

- Several small fixes.

- v4.1 to v4.3 -

- Sets interface and performance improvements.

- Fixed a problem when par2 .vol files weren't marked for download with sets enabled and 'mark par2 recovery files for download last' checked.

- Fixed a rare problem with custom collections causing afterwards a header status to be shown incorrectly.

- When importing .rxx set through nzb or from search serivce sometimes .rar file wasn't marked for download first.

- Unrar autorename option wasn't effective because of overlooked statement in the third party unrar code.

- When a search view scrolled to the very bottom switching view tabs could cause it to scroll a little bit up by itself.

- v4.0 -


- Sets were introduced which result in significantly lower RAM usage and faster newsgroup load. See the Sets description for details.

- The size limit of the per group cnt.dat file which contains message-ids and other load on demand data has been increased from 32GB to 256GB.

- When the program is not exited properly - the newsgroups maintain integrity and don't need repair.

- To provide those new features - the database has slightly different format, existing database is converted on per newsgroup basis, see download page for details.

Other changes

- Custom collections improvements: the 'set as current' collection now persists between sessions; additional menu option to add files to 'set as current' collection directly without the dialog box; when entering a custom collection the 'set as current' collection check box in the dialog box is checked.

- Greatly improved preserving view position when toggling threads/sets/collections.

- Collection or set state more precisely reflects the containing files states.

- Added help explanations regarding max.groups and header tasks RAM limit settings in edit menu->properties->tasks, see the '?' buttons near the options.

The full release notes of 3.9+ (RC) versions which preceeded v4.0 you can find here.

Release history v3.x

Release history v2.x

Release history v1.x

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